Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape Leaks in Document Revenue

The Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape controversy is still ongoing. Recently, records have come to light that seems to reveal how much money the video first brought in for the two performers.

TMZ revealed emails from Steven Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, the business that created the publicly available sex tape dubbed Kim Kardashian, Superstar in March 2007, exclusively on Tuesday, September 13. According to the spreadsheet in the email from May 7, 2007, the tape brought in $1,424,636.63 in income, the majority of which, $1,255,578.50, came from DVD sales.

Ray J and the Kardashian/Jenner camp have been at odds over who leaked the iconic sex tape for years. By taking a polygraph examination on the Late Late Show with James Corden, Kris Jenner recently attempted to disprove accusations that she is the one who leaked the tape and persuaded Kim to release it. When asked if she helped put the tape out during the incident, the 66-year-old mother was found to be speaking the truth by responding, “No,” according to the polygraph examiner.

Ray J was enraged by this and swore to expose Jenner for defaming him online. He remarked in a video on Instagram, “I don’t know what the fuck you think this is, but you have fucked with the wrong person.

Dude, you messed up the wrong Black man. Due to all of you being disrespectful and trying to discredit me and make me look bad when you know what’s going on, To obtain what I deserved, I was simply going to handle this situation correctly and hit you in court. I will send them whatever I have in one hour. Tonight, Kris, we are going over the receipts.

In 2007, the pornographer Vivid Entertainment acquired one of the sex tapes that Ray J and Kim Kardashian supposedly recorded while they were dating in 2002. Kim reportedly filed a lawsuit against Vivid in February of that year, claiming that she hadn’t authorized the distribution of the footage. The recording was eventually sold to the general public after Kim and the company came to a deal.

Vivid’s acquisition of the tape has been attributed to a number of different parties throughout the years. Some sources claim that Kris leaked the tape in an effort to make Kim famous, whereas other sources claim that Ray J sold the tape.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail, Ray J said, “Once I offered the idea to her, just messing around a little bit, that’s when she jumped on the idea, went to her parents and it was out of my hands from there.”

In a dramatic episode of the Kardashians earlier this year, Kim said Kanye West met Ray J and obtained the remaining tapes from a computer. The computer didn’t actually contain any tapes. Ray J later claimed that the entire plot was a farce.

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